The duplicated space

What an artist does to earn his living is not always relevant, but in this case it is a point of interest. Nelson Miranda is an architect and in his artistic work he has approached this discipline through photography. The exhibition now being shown is an example of this.

The starting point for these images was the offices of an abandoned factory in Famalicão (Portugal). Up to this point, nothing new; several people have photographed abandoned spaces. The interest comes when these offices become something else. They become labyrinthine, a dream, fantastical, a mixture of sensations that geometry, light and repetition bring out.

The history of the factory is not of secondary importance; if that were the case the artist would not mention it. Nelson Miranda makes the point of adding an artist’s book to the photos, a book made from the last book of samples from the factory, the one in which the orders stop after a certain date, leaving several pages empty. Short phrases are added, a sort of whispering echoing in the silence, between the doors, windows, and days.

Sérgio Gomes da Costa, in TimeOut Porto nº81, December 2016